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About Us

Why BuimHost.Com?

Choosing a strategic hosting partner is essential for your business. That is why we strive to give our customers more than they pay. Choosing BuimHost.Com for your hosting provider,

Infrastructure and equipment
The storage and protection of the content hosted on our servers is our primary responsibility. We do not compromise with the brand and the quality of the equipment used, as a result of which the real UpTime for the services is 99%. *
Our servers are located in a specialized colocation center of the highest class Equinix **, which offers complete duplication (N + 1) and physical separation of all systems for power supply, air conditioning, connectivity and security of technical equipment. Internet connectivity is provided by two independent providers with dynamic traffic routing.

Security and reliability
Security is a priority we do not compromise on. Our protection against malicious DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) is applied to the entire infrastructure, thus protecting all sites, without exception.
We have developed and integrated SH Protect - an active security system for all managed services, creating several hundred signatures (rules) that detect and block hundreds of thousands of malicious actions. And every day we develop our security system to increase the level of protection.
Our guarantee that we protect your site is the responsibility to remove malicious code from it if for any reason it is compromised.

  • Arithmetic mean for all servers and a period of 12 months. Planned prophylaxis is not included.
  • There is only one way to get %
  • You have to get customers to visit our site and order services and after payment you will get your %
    ** Equinix is ​​the world's leading provider of premium data centers with sites in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Internet connectivity is provided by Neterra EOOD and Evolink AD.


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